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Beth Lansing


Beth is an educator with a passion for literacy.  She got involved in Haiti because she saw the opportunity to improve education in Haiti, if only in a few schools.  Typically, Haitian education is a system of memorization and rote learning.  PEACE Project with Beth's leadership will introduce methods that develop higher level thinking and creative problem solving.  The students will be challenged to use their education to help the community in practical ways.

Chris works at Progressive Insurance as a Subrogation Specialist.  She got involved in Haiti as a result of a last minute cancellation for a conference in Haiti. Her life was changed forever.  Chris started working to raise money for a school and realized that one person can make a difference.  She joined the PEACE Project board shortly after as its secretary. She spent 3 months in Haiti during the winter of 2020 and worked hard to form and solidify relationships with Haitians.  She considers herself a networker to connect things between the US and Haiti. 


Chris Berg


Larynette Hinds


Larynette is a chemical engineer who works for a construction program management firm. She is also completing her MBA in finance and entrepreneurial studies.She is passionate about using the built environment to shape and strengthen communities.  

She believes in the power of education to lift communities and got involved in the Haiti Peace Project to empower young people to rise above their circumstances. 

Rachel Ruiz


Rachel is a Registered Nurse specializing in mental health.  She is currently Executive Director of RVA Light, a community center in Richmond, Virginia, that serves less advantaged members of the Richmond community.  Her involvement in Haiti began a month after the 2010 earthquake when she went with Steve to deliver tents and other supplies.

Steve is a retired video director, formerly working for State Farm Insurance.  He got involved in Haiti as a result of learning about developing world poverty serving on the board of Christadelphian Meal a Day of the Americas.  He visits Haiti regularly, oversees various projects, and knows that Haitians are motivated, industrious people simply looking for an opportunity. He considers himself  a bridge to resources.

Steve Johnson



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