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Derival Guertho


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75 farmers in Kaduit, Dufresne, and Prossy, three villages outside Carrefour, are getting help growing better, more abundant crops.  Derival Guertho is a college trained agronomist.  He's teaching people better farming methods.  They are growing more for themselves and more to sell in the market.  Derival teaches each group in a classroom setting once a week and works with them in their fields.

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Derival also teaches botany in our three schools.  We plan to continue his "small space gardening" classes.  He includes lessons on ecology and protecting the environment.

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PEACE Founder Steve Johnson looking at corn field in remote Kaduit area (from far away and later closeup).  PEACE regularly visits its projects to make sure your donations are being used appropriately and effectively.

cabbage patch_edited.jpg

Beautiful cabbage patch and corn fields that Steve has seen for himself (and for you!)

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