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Official figures put unemployment in Haiti as high as 70%.  Getting a high school diploma isn't enough.  We've begun a vocational school to teach our graduates (and others) a useful, money making trade.  Classes now include training in Dressmaking, Tailoring, Refrigeration Repair, Tile Laying  Plumbing and Electrical Work.

Dressmaking and tailoring class.  There is still a lot of custom sewing done in Haiti.

sewing machine ws.JPG

Pedal powered sewing machines stand ready for the next phase of instruction.  There is no reliable electricity in this part of Haiti.

Refrigeration Repair class


Tiling class


Students in vocational classes pay a modest fee for classes, less than the going rate at similar schools.  PEACE Project provides a guaranteed salary for the teachers, a facility for classes and covers administrative costs.  This is part of "promoting education" and "community empowerment".

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