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Micro loans are small loans typically given to individuals or small businesses who lack access to traditional banking services. These loans are often used to start or expand a business, purchase equipment, or cover unexpected expenses. 

PEACE Project began Banm Zel Micro Loans in 2022 to help people in Carrefour start small businesses.  Banm Zel is creole for "Give Me Wings" and the program is helping twenty to thirty people, mostly women, at any given time.

Many of the businesses are food related, with cooking being done at home and the product then sold on the street.  Other businesses include textbook sales, printing services, and motorcycle taxi.  Banm Zel loans up to $400, then using a field worker keeps in constant contact with the entrepreneur to monitor success, trouble shoot and solve problems.  The program is experiencing a high on-time repayment rate of 96%.

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