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 In 2009, Steve Johnson, at the time a director of Christadelphian Meal-a-Day of the Americas met Esmath Sainval, a man with a compassionate heart and a desire to help his community.

Each Saturday, Esmath was using his own funds as well as some money raised through personal contacts to run an education and nutrition program for children in his neighborhood. He knew that many of these children would never be able to go to school since as many as a third of Haitian children never do. He dreamed of creating a school for them, and with God's help through Christadelphian Meal-a-Day of the Americas  (, his vision became a reality. A primary school (grades Preschool through 9) for 100 children was begun in 2010 in a rented house.   It continues to be supported annually by Meal-a-Day.  There are now 280 children enrolled.  It soon became apparent that secondary school grades (10 through 12) and a purpose-built building were needed to ensure continued success.  The PEACE Project in Haiti was begun to fund these and other educational needs, like the small-space gardening classes that teaches students social responsibility and independence.

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